Past Winners

2019 – Charlotte Hamilton

Charlotte Hamilton was selected for her Alberta-wide contributions to roleplaying. She has a penchant for bringing people together around shared interests and hobbies, she as her leadership of the Alberta Tabletop Games Discord server, which helped nearly 500 members connect and game during 2019.

“Being able to create shared stories with friends is my biggest inspiration for playing,” she says. “It doesn’t matter as much to me the outcome, as long as we are able to craft a great story.”

2018 – Adam Waldron-Blain

Adam was selected for his creative and long-running project the Sſtabhmontown Adventurers’ Club. He has welcomed a wide variety and newcomers and established players to his unique brew of old school renaissance style roleplaying at venues across Edmonton. From the Telus World of Science, IntrigueCon Roleplaying Game convention, to the regular Monday night meet-up open to everyone at the Empress Ale House, Adam has delivered an incredible experience to anyone willing to join him on an adventure.